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18+ world-leading performance testing experts reveal their essential strategies for mastering modern performance testing.

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What You'll Learn at PerfGuild

  • Proven Performance Testing Best Practices
  • Queuing Theory made easy
  • How to find performance testing bottleneck root-causes
  • How to get started with JMeter
  • Performance Monitoring Tips and Tricks
  • Cool ways to performance test Internet Of Things (iOT) devices
  • How to get started with Gatling
  • Uncovering latency problems in your application
  • Leveraging Selenium test to obtain performance information
  • Strategies for API performance testing
  • How to shift-left and shift-right with performance testing
  • A framework for quickly analyzing your performance result
  • Why and how to include Performance Testing in DevOps
  • Answers to common questions from each speaker on their topic
  • And much, much more

Your Featured 2017 Expert Instructors

Performance Testing Best Practices

Join the HPE Performance Engineering team for the keynote session. We will share with you useful tips and tricks for performance testing, which were collected over many years and from many experts. We will discuss concepts and guidelines for designing and executing load testing scenarios, including scenarios involving large numbers of virtual users, large amounts of data, and long running ones. We will also talk about today’s software delivery challenges, how we embrace them and how we help you overcome them so you can maintaining quality at scale. 

Mark Tomlinson Headshot

Shlomi Nissim

5 Ways to Make Load Testing Work for You

In this Session, you'll learn 5 ways you can simulate realistic load testing of your system, mitigate your risks, & create reliable, continuous performance testing for a better and more efficient end user experience. 

Israel Rogoza Headshot

Israel Rogoza

Reinventing Performance Testing

The industry is transforming before our eyes and performance testing should change too. A stereotypical, last-moment performance validation in a test lab using an expensive record-playback load testing tool is no longer enough. 

Alex Podelko Headshot

Alex Podelko

Effective Performance Engineering

In this session Todd shares 4 ways to get started with Effective Performance Engineering now. After spending much of their careers working in this space, and ongoing discussions that Shane and Todd had, they co-authored a book published by O’Reilly titled “Effective Performance Engineering.” Todd will walk you through how to get started, covering many of the examples and more in-depth stories, so to continue to share proven practices to ensure Effective Performance Engineering for you. 

Todd DeCapua

Todd DeCapua

Queuing Theory & it’s Application in Performance Testing

This session will cover practical case studies & some of foundation concepts which are essential for Performance Testers to have an idea on Performance Modeling & Application Capacity Planning. 

Ramya Ramalinga Moorthy Headshot

Ramya Moorthy

Advanced Performance Exploration

In this session you’ll discover an overall approach to the process of root-cause analysis, traversing the architecture of the system front-to-back, top-to-bottom. Take tour of how you can logically walk through each layer, analyzing different metrics and observing different behaviors such as request queuing, latencies, bandwidth capacity and congestion. Learn a simple model for exploring performance that you can apply to any system, any architecture. 

Mark Tomlinson Headshot

Mark Tomlinson

How to Get Rid of JMeter Constraints

JMeter is a very good tool but it is also commonly qualified as a resource intensive and complex solution.In this session, our expert will show you how OctoPerf optimises the global JMeter experience from scripting to results in order to optimise your testing experience and go beyond what JMeter offers.

Guillaume Betaillouloux

iOT Performance Testing

In this session Henrik a performance specialist at Neotys will explain the challenges and approaches to testing you should take when dealing with internet of things testing. 

Henrik Rexed

Henrik Rexed

Harnessing the Power of JMeter

If you have used JMeter for simple performance testing tasks, but want to learn more, this is the workshop for you! Unlock the power of JMeter by learning how to take full advantage of its capabilities.

Amber Race Headshot

Amber Race

Load Testing Done Right with Gatling

This talk covers some methodology and tooling for load testing, and then focuses on Gatling. Gatling is an open-source load testing tool used to generate virtual users, typically browsing a website.

Stephane Landelle Headshot

Stephane Landelle

Using Distributed Tracing to Find, and Fix, Latency Problems

In this session you’ll discover how to look at Zipkin and the world of distributed tracing. You'll see how to easily instrument applications and get a call graph that helps you pinpoint problem areas.

Ricahrd Seroter

Richard Seroter

Performance Testing with Anomaly Detection from Selenium Tests

In this session Andrew from will share ways automation engineers can leverage their existing skillsets to help with their teams performance testing efforts.

Andrew Krug

API Load Testing Strategies

In this talk we will go through the importance of load testing your back-end APIs. We will learn more about APIs and their performance contracts and see useful load templates to get started with API load testing. We will use LoadUI a popular API performance testing tool. We will walk through examples of REST APIs and also learn how to use distributed load testing for APIs.


Harsh Upreti


In this session discover how APM tools such as Dynatrace AppMon, AppDynamics, NewRelic, work. How to install them in your environment, how to integrate them with your load testing tools (JMeter, Gatling, LoadRunner, Silk, …) and how Andreas goes about analyzing APM data. He will be showing you how I analyzed the most common performance problem patterns, how tools help you through automatic analysis and teach you how you can do the same within minutes 

andreas grabner headshot

Andreas Grabner

Performance Engineering Approaches & Analyzing Results

Easy, methodical approaches to designing load tests and analyzing your results.THINK like A Seasoned Performance Engineer and become Very valuable!Here we tackle and simplify the toughest challenge of performance engineering: Analysis of the data derived from load tests. Analysis skills are the MOST important and HIGHLY sought after. Learn how to analyze the sea of collected data to understand the application’s scalability limitations. Isolate Bottlenecks. Deep Dive. Made Easy.This performance engineering course is to teach you to methodical processes to execute the right load tests, instrument the relevant monitoring and properly analyze the results. 

Rebecca Clinard Headshot

Rebecca Clinard

Centralizing Performance Testing Data with Splunk

In this session you'll discover how to use Splunk to help plot and chart your performance data.

Chris Trimper

Performance Testing for DevOps

See how performance testing can become part of your continuous deployment life cycle, to achieve fast deployment of scalable applications. 

Paola Rossaro Headshot

Paola Rossaro

Eran Kinsbruner & Amir Rozenberg: Implementing ‘single user performance testing in CI

In this session Eran and Amir explain and demonstrate how teams can build an entire “WindTunnel” solution that defines target user “personas” in the mobile space. 

Amir Rozenberg

How to ‘Shift-Right’ in the Performance Lifecycle

This session will directly address the ‘Shift-Right’ paradigm; Performance lifecycle from ideation to design, development, testing through to operations and back again. The value-driven delivery approach to validating and verifying non-functional requirements as part of designing, building and deploying next generation platforms such as Smart Cities & IoT.

Jonathon Wright Headshot

Jonathon Wright

What Past Guild Members are Saying

This has been probably the best "training money" I have ever spent in my 18 years with Deere and 15 years with the DoD. ~ Stevenson Randy

I enjoyed the Automation Guild, made a stack of notes, then implemented nearly code-less automation in just 90 days! ~ Nick Baynham

Of all the online test automation conferences or tech conferences, I've attended, this is the first one that didn't suck and that I actually enjoyed! - Dave Haeffner Author of The Selenium Guidebook



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